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Some Testimonials

Please find below some testimonials from our clients:

GROUPE ROCHER / YVES ROCHER - Caroline De-Saint-Orens

‘We are using GC-LC Concordance and we could not work without it anymore. Indeed, your software is saving us a lot of time in analyzing our quality control of concentrates. We will shortly use it with the norm methods and with retention indices.’

EVER NEURO PHARMA - Anna-Sophie Fischer

‘We use GC-LC Concordance to evaluate very complex chromatograms in one method of our quality control testing. We needed an objective method to evaluate the consistency of our product. With GC-LC Concordance we found the solution! We are very pleased we found a company that’s easy to work with and has a great support!’

FRAGWORLD - Joffrey Le Dû

‘The software is really effective in comparing chromatograms, which saves me a lot of time since I process at least thirty references a day. The software is clear and easy to handle, I could see with some people I trained, who used it without difficulty after only a few treatments.’


‘Concordance is a powerful but simple GC complementary operating tool, having the advantage of flexibility, with a very good support!

ASEPTA - Laurent Dencausse

‘At ASEPTA laboratories, we have been using the Concordance software since February 2012 and we are very satisfied with its performance and ease of implementation.

The software is used in quality control for the identification by GC of 170 complex raw materials (perfumes, essential oils, synthetic derivatives …). On the basis of the chromatographic fingerprints obtained, the comparison to the library makes possible to identify an unknown with a percentage of similarity, which helps us a lot to decide on the conformity of the raw material.

The use of the Concordance software that we do is comparable to an IRTF use of correlation software.’