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Conformity or Norm

We have below two chromatograms (130 peaks > 0.01 %) sample/reference of lavandin “Grosso”

lavandin chromatograms comparisons

Here, we have to control the composition of a sample of lavandin “Grosso” by following the AFNOR standards or any norms imposed by a customer.

In 1 second the GC-LC CONCORDANCE software is going to find the various components of the standard. It will verify the concentration thresholds fixed by this standard and will deliver a report.

In that case, “Cis-B-Ocimène” concentrated in 1.661 % is in red because it’s out of the range of the concentrations 0.5 % to a 1.5 % imposed by the standard.

All other components are respecting the standard.

Report with norms control