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GC-LC CONCORDANCE software improves drastically the reliability of compounds identification in perfume products especially with Gas Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry usage (GC-MS).

In “SCAN” mode, the mass spectrometer (MS) will generate a chromatogram with identified peaks.

This identification is not detailed and has to be considered with great caution. Indeed, in the list of the available molecules for each peak, the first name is not necessarily the correct one. The real identity of the molecule may appear only at the 5th place in the suggested MS library list.

If you have to repeat this analysis, the uncertainties of identification will be on every measure. This method is not reliable.

Using GC-LC CONCORDANCE software with mass spectrometry will greatly improve the reliability of the identification of compounds on your chromatogram.

identification GCMS GC/MS Graphics

Indeed you can update the name suggested by the MS in GC-LC Concordance.
A double-click on the cell will open a window where you can modify the name.

Once you have corrected the names of the compounds, the chromatogram, now perfectly documented will be used by GC-LC CONCORDANCE software for your next comparisons. You will get the right names of your molecules on your standard but on your samples as well since the peaks will be matching automatically…

Now this well-documented chromatogram can then be used as the reference chromatogram for several months or years!

identification GCMS GC-MS Report