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The topics of the previous webinars included:

  • Some applications of GC-LC Concordance in Quality Control in Retention Time are:

    – A lot of time and money saving by passing your control standards/references only one time, by documenting them and by using them for many months, years…
    Facilitating dramatically the quality control of flavors and fragrances, essential oils and aromas in chromatography, in seconds!
    Controlling in seconds the composition of a sample following the norms and specifications imposed by your clients.
    The automatic comparison of one to thousands of complex chromatographic fingerprints within a few seconds (electronic nose, the origin of a product, counterfeiting…).

    And also in Research & Development with Retention Indices in addition to the applications above:

    – The identification in seconds of chemical compounds or raw materials with an estimation of their concentration.
    – The automatic identification of the molecules on each peak of your chromatograms (detection of allergens etc.)
    – Etc.