You can see below 2 chromatograms of the same fragrance, controlled several months after (bottom) the first control (top). It shows a shifting of all the peaks:


A 3 minutes shift is visible on the last peaks due to the ageing of the column.
Despite this non-linear shifting, GC-LC CONCORDANCE software is able to detect similarities and differences between these two chromatograms with 192 peaks and provides a report with the differences between these two chromatograms. Both red marks in the window show the non concordance between the two products – Coumarine in the standard and allyl cyclohexyl propionate in the sample.

The report (short mode) shows only differences between these two chromatograms with only peaks > 0.1% as set in the settings as well as differences out of the tolerances defined in the settings.

E.g. here for peaks between:

– 0.1 and 1%, the difference of tolerance is set to 40%

– 1% and 10%, tolerance is set to 15%

– 10% and 100%, tolerance is set to 3%