Although the identification of compounds in chromatography is performed by mass spectrometry, many laboratories still identify the compounds of chromatograms by retention time. An Excel file is used. It includes at least the retention times (RT) and the names of each compound used in a column and the chromatographic data. This process is long and laborious.

GC-LC CONCORDANCE converts these data and recomposes a chromatogram which will be used as a reference.

Manual matching screen of one or several peaks

The screen for manual matching of one or several peaks

Now, you only have to match in three clicks 2 or 3 known peaks on the sample chromatogram.
The software will then calculate the equation of the variability of retention time due to the degradation of the column to match and thus identify the set of components of the sample.

Result of peaks matching after new calculation

The result of peaks matching after new calculation

This complete treatment does not require more than 30 seconds with a printout of the report to identify peaks present in the sample.

Identified, matching and non matching peaks report

The report of the identified, matching and non matching peaks

This manual process with GC-LC CONCORDANCE software can also be used to identify within seconds all of the compounds of an essential oil into a mixture! Contact us to know more about this