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GC-LC CONCORDANCE software by SPECTROCHROM automates chromatograms comparisons between complex products (up to 1000 compounds in a mixture), by simultaneously correcting retention time shifts and random fluctuations of retention times (RT) or retention index (RI) (Kovats) of these components due to column degradation (due to the ageing of the columns, injection mode, gas control, etc.)

Petroleum chromatogram 515 peaks

Chromatogram in CPG of a petroleum product (515 peaks)

Unique Software for the Automatic Chromatograms Comparison of Complex Chromatograms

GC-LC CONCORDANCE is a unique software, mixing theories of the deductive mathematics of polynomials functions (P=AnX^n with n=30) and algorithms of the neurological networks (recognition and adaptability).

chromatogram hplc protein extraction proteomics

Chromatograms in HPLC of protein extraction of  proteomics.

Typical applications are control of raw materials and finished products in the perfume industry, but also to oils, petrol residues, proteomic and pollution. More generally, it concerns chemistry products controlled by GC and HPLC chromatography techniques.

In chromatography, retention times of components of the same injected sample are not constant

Indeed, phase ageing of the column varies in non-linear and random ways depending on injected products and their concentrations.

The reasons of these variations in GC or LC are:

Upon repeating analysis, retention time differences of components will vary from seconds to minutes. Moreover, if the analyzed product has hundreds of components separated by a few seconds on the chromatogram, the manual identification is long, difficult and is subject to human error.

Today even if a gas chromatograph has all the new electronic regulation developments of temperature and gas flow rates, it is unable to balance these complex variations.

An automatic and accurate analysis is now possible with GC-LC CONCORDANCE!