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Automatic Complex Chromatograms Comparisons

GC-LC concordance software dramatically enhances the possibilities of chromatography on complex products

and chromatographic fingerprints by solving retention time shifting in complex chromatograms comparison.

essential oil chromatography quality control

Flavor and Fragrance Industry

Essential oils, aromas, finished products etc.

millesime wine quality control chromatography

Wine Industry

Millesimes recognitions etc.

drugs and pharmaceutical products quality control chromatography

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical products, drugs etc.

petrol, fire residues, oils, quality control chromatograms

Petroleum Industry

Petroleum products, oils, gasoline and fire residues etc.


GROUPE ROCHER / YVES ROCHER - Caroline De-Saint-Orens

‘We are using GC-LC Concordance and we could not work without it anymore. Indeed, your software is saving us a lot of time in analyzing our quality control of concentrates. We will shortly use it with the norm methods and with retention indices.’

FRAGWORLD - Joffrey Le Dû

‘The software is really effective in comparing chromatograms, which saves me a lot of time since I process at least thirty references a day. The software is clear and easy to handle, I could see it as well with some people I trained, who used it without difficulty after only a few treatments.’


‘Concordance is a very powerful but simple GC complementary operating tool, having the advantage of flexibility, with a very good support!

GC-LC Concordance Compatibility

Compatibility GC LC Concordance Perkin Elmer
Compatibility GC LC Concordance Waters
Compatibility GC LC Concordance Varian
Compatibility GC LC Concordance Thermo
Compatibility GC LC Concordance Shimadzu
Compatibility GC LC Concordance Agilent

The software can be installed on any PCs with Windows NT, 2000, XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 8 and 10. GC-LC CONCORDANCE can automatically collect chromatograms data of all PC integration softwares.

Some of our Clients

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Ever Pharma holding chromatograms comparisons

6 Reasons Why You Need GC-LC Concordance Software for complex chromatograms comparisons

1 – AUTOMATIC Quality Control of your perfumes and aromas with INCREASED RELIABILITY and 100 TIME FASTER!

2 – HUNDREDS of your references are passed ONLY ONCE and SAVED for YEARS in your computer!

3 – Enjoy an ELECTRONIC NOISE feature!

4 – IDENTIFY IN SECONDS compounds or raw materials in RI mode!

5 – KEEP your current chromatographic methods!

6 – Your investment is paid off in just a MONTH!

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